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Latvian National Biobank Network

Latvian national biobank network - BBMRI.LV

Latvian National Biobank Network is comprised of largesr biobanking institutions in Latvia. The aim of this network is to provide resources for biomedine research in Latvia and collaborate with institutions abroad within project framework.

Largest biobanking insitutions in Latvia

All biobanking institutions in Latvia ar wellcome to join! (


Work plan for Latvian biobank network BBMRI.LV

To ensure compatability of Latvian biobanks with BBMRI-ERIC activities and requirements of European Research Area, and work with tageted coordination on a local level, it is planned to continue activities in there areas: 1) quality, 2) ELSI and 3) IT. The work of these groups are ensuring knowledge circulation, development and setting of new goals, that will encompass interanational standarts and best practices, and could improve collaboartion on alocal level.

Quality Managment working group

Aim – gather information about biological resoures and associated data processing in Latvia, develop and implement work plan for obtainment, processing and storage of biomaterial and data collections that meet requirements of European Research Area.


  • Actively participate in BBMRI-ERIC Quality Management working group and implement obtained knowledge in Latvian biocollections.

Attend QM group webinars; participate in activities that aims to develop international quality standards, quality assesment, internal and external audits; participate in research of quality control and other activities.

  • Gather information about quality managment systems in Latvia and governance priciples of existing bioresources (ISO, WHO/IARC guidelines, OECD guidelines, CEN standards, other), forward and implement quality managment improvement plan.

Evaluate potatial to implement ISO 9001 certification in Latvian biobanks, appraise resources for certification. Upon necessity participate in national standardization technical committees in areas related to biobanking (ISO 9001, ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17025, CEN/TC 16835 un ISO 20387).

ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications) working group

Aim – examine situation in Latvia regarding ethical and legal aspects of biomateral and related data obtainment, processing, mainetance, storage and research. Propose and implement ELSI improvment plan that would meet the priciples of European Research Area.


  • Actively participate in BBMRI-ERIC ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications) working group and implement obtained knowledge in Latvian biobanks.

Participate in topics of biomaterial cost recovery; Address data protection issues and carry out ethics consultations upon necessity.

  • Address ethical issues regarding biobank development and biomaterial research.

Rise awareness of scientists, doctors and general public about research, ethical principles, that need to be considered in regard to patients rights and freedoms.

  • Address legal aspects of the Republic of Latvia for obtainment and use of biological material, actively participate in development and implementation on new legal acts.

Prepare legal documet project for biological material collection, processing, maintanece and use for research (Biobanking Law). Develop drafts for Cabinet of Ministries regulations for implementation of this legal act. Promote legal act project for further evaluation by the responsible institutions.

Information technology and database working group

Aimstudy data storage and processing systems in Latvian biobanks, develop and implement improvement and interaction plan, that is targeting interconnectivity of the data between biobanks on national and international level.


  • Develop and implement BBMRI-ERIC supported IT systems and database application for needs of Latvian biobanks.

Participate in BBMRI-ERIC IT working group webinars and implement obtained knowledge for improvement of Latvian biobank IT systems; study and harmonize data nomenculature in Latvian biobanks.

  • Evaluate comatablity of the data from Latvian biobanks with other BBMRI-ERIC data infromation systems and carry out acitvities, that are targeted to harmonize Latvian biobanks with other BBMRI-ERIC membering state databases.

Study data processing systems in Latvian biobanks and data transfer aspects; widen research of national biobank linking with state medical documentation from health care system and compatability of thes data with other European biobanks.


BBMRI-ERIC Latvian National Node

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study centre

Mailing address: Ratsupites Str. 1 k1., Riga, LV-1067, Latvia

Telephone: (371) 67 473 083