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Funding and support

Funding from the National Health Service

Genome Database of Latvian population receives annual funding form the National Health Service to implement tasks of Genome project:

1. Development and maintenance of Genome Database of Latvian population

  • Collection of biological samples and phenotypic data from medical institutions. Contract arrangrementwith medical institutions and medical personnel.
  • Maintenance of Genome Database - technical provision of sample collection, logistic, sample processing, storage and delivery.

2. Use of Genome Database of Latvian population for health care improvement in Latvia

  • Developement of rare and inherited disease infrastructure within framework of Rare Disease Plan.
  • Public health and treatment efficacy evaluation.


Funding from collaboration projects

Genome Database of Latvian population are collaborating with various research projects, that support developement of Genome Database in collection of specific samples and data, help to enrich collection with additional biochemistry test and/or results of genetic testing.

Collaboration projects of Genome Database, presented here.

Information about collaboration, presented here.