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Genome Database of Latvian popualtion is operated by core facility of Latvian Biomedical Research and Study centre - Genome Centre lead by Dr. biol. Davids Fridmanis. Genome centre is responsible of project implementation, compliance with quality and safety standarts.

The activities of Genome Database of Latvian population is coordinated by Steering Committee, that design developmental plans of Genome Database and long term strategy for obtainment, processing and use of biological samples and medical information, genetic research, data processing and bioethics. Steering Committee consists of Head of Genome Centre, Head of Genome Database, BBMRI.LV national node director.

Steering committee

Jānis Kloviņš

Occupation, position: BBMRI.LV national node director

Phone: (371) 67 808 202


Manage work of BBMRI.LV national node, coordinate activities of Latvian biobank network on national and international level.


Dāvids Fridmanis

Occupation, position: Deputy Director of Biomedicine study and research center in infrastructure development issues

Phone: (371) 67473083


Vita Rovīte

Occupation, position: Head of Genome center and genome database

Phone: (371) 67 473 083


Manage sample and data obtainment and access, study design and implementation.